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Swedenborg’s Revelations of Dualism and Nondualism

Slides for a talk at the Meeting
"Esoteric Perspectives on a Science of Consciousness"
on 31st May 2003.

Ian Thompson
Department of Physics, University of Surrey, U.K.

Accompanying Notes (Word doc)

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Table of Contents

Title Page
Need for Esoteric Perspectives
Emanuel Swedenborg
How you may have heard of Swedenborg:
What Swedenborg thought he was doing after 1744
What do we really want to know?
Permanent Spiritual Change?
What is NOT permanent!
Receiving Love and Wisdom
Esoteric Science of Consciousness?
What is the Spiritual?
Spiritual as ‘Internal Human’
Stages of Regeneration
What is Temptation?
Examples of Temptation
Temptation in the Will
Resisting by Means of Truths
Temptations about temptation
Basic Spiritual Principles:
Love and Wisdom acting Jointly
What to do and not to do!
What to do and not to do (2)
Inner and Outer actions
Duality and Nonduality
Necessary Distinctions!
Degrees and Correspondences
What is NOT regeneration!
What is not regeneration (2)
References & Resources
Framework for a Science of Consciousness
Framework for a Science of Consciousness
God as the Divine Source
Persons Receive this Life
Three-Fold Structures in Nature
Recursive Wholes and Parts
Triads and Enneads, in us:
Ennead in the Exterior Mind
Ennead in the Natural World
Cognitive & Affective Stages
Linking Correspondences
Human Correspondences
Parapsychology & Miracles

Author: Ian Thompson


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