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What are Discrete Degrees?

29th March 2003

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Table of Contents

What are Discrete Degrees?

Importance of Discrete Degrees

Our ideas of Discrete Degrees

Kinds of Explanations we like?

How we Form our First Ideas

Imagining Discrete Degrees

What are Discrete Degrees?

Natural things with discrete units: Are these discrete degrees?

Discrete, or Images of Discrete?

The whole and its parts

Expanded Consciousness

Elevated Consciousness

The Fourth Dimension?

Another Spatial Dimension?

New Vibrational Frequencies?

Harmonics and Resonances

Infinite Time No Time ?

Successive Stages?

States of Matter?

Inside and Outside


Are ANY pictures suitable?

To understand discrete degrees:

Heat and Light (?)

Discrete Pairs from Physics

Form and Substance

End, Cause and Effect

Affection, understanding, action

Soul, mind and nature

Love, Wisdom and Use


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Author: Ian J. Thompson


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