Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Psychological Approach 
to some concepts of Theistic Science

The aim here is to show 

  1. the concept of successive stages or levels in developmental and cognitive psychology,
  2. some of the problems and suggestions in relating quantum mechanics to consciousness as has sometimes been proposed, and
  3. the relevance of ideas from Swedenborg to topics in psychology with three early articles from Leon James and Diane Nahl:
    1. The Primacy of the Affective over the Cognitive, here.
    2. Spiritual Psychobiology, here.
    3. Religious Behaviorism, here.

    Later articles by Leon James are introduced here (from his website www.theisticpsychology.org)

Here we want to show how a deeper understanding of psychology can lead to connections with the Processes and Discrete Degrees of Theistic Science, in particular the discrete degrees predicted to constitute the human mind.  


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